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Informed Action

March 23, 2017This week on Informed Action we have Tom Balya on the program to talk about healthcare and whether or not Trump will make it through this very serious investigation into ...

Trumpcare Will Cost Jobs

March 23, 2017Christian Weller from the organization American Progress comes on the program to talk about how Trumpcare will cost America 1.5 million jobs within 5 years.

Coalition for Sensible Safeguards rebuts Trump budget with one of their own

March 23, 2017Michell McIntyre, a campaign coordinator for the Coalition For Sensible Safeguards comes on our program to talk about how they are putting together their own budget to combat Trump’s “Starvation ...

Just Transitions: Rescuing Our Rivers

March 23, 2017This week on out segment Just Transitions, Dr. Patty DeMarco brings John Stolz on the program to talk about a lot of the things that are harming our water. We ...

Gingrich thinks the “melting pot” idea is a liberal mythology

March 23, 2017Katie Sullivan of Media Matters joins us to talk about comments made by Newt Gingrich. newt claimed that we must defeat “Left-Wing Mythology That You Can Be Multicultural And Still ...

National Nurses United opposes proposed healthcare changes

March 23, 2017Ken Zinn of National Nurse’s United comes on the program to urge congress to oppose HR1628, also known as Trumpcare. It is well know that Trump is going back on ...

Nabisco exploits Mexican labor, social media protests ensue

March 23, 2017Ron Baker of the BCTGM joins us to talk about the Baker’s Union Digital Day of Action. They are calling on people to use social media to protest Nabisco exploiting ...

AFT VP on what the Supreme Court means to public education

March 22, 2017Betsy DeVos’s confirmation as Education Secretary is hardly the end of our education fight this year. AFT International Executive VP Mary Cathryn Ricker joins us to explain why attention should ...

Unions United for Universal Healthcare

March 22, 2017Leslie Simon Business Representative with IATSE Local 871 and Labor United for Universal Healthcare talks to us about why unions are standing behind legislation for single-payer healthcare in California, and ...

Russian Bots and the Far Right Media

March 22, 2017The FBI is investigating whether Russia used bots to blitz social media with far-right news stories about Trump, Alex Kaplan reports for Media Matters.

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