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HealthCare Politics: Hour 4: S1 Ep11: A Profile in Courage feat. Molly Rush of Plowshares Eight -4-24-17

April 24, 2017Host Steve Larchuk reflects on what courage looks like in the spectrum of American history, and speaks with one of the courageous figures of the anti-nuclear movement Molly Rush of ...

Massive Cuts to Government Services Anticipated with Government Shutdown

April 24, 2017Tom Trotter of the AFL-CIO Legislative Department joins us to talk about all the different departments that would be affected by a government shutdown, and the impact of cutbacks across ...

The Looming Possibility of Another Government Shutdown, and Its Effect on Public Workers

April 24, 2017AFGE National President J. David Cox joins us to talk about the negative repercussions in the event of another government shutdown, and the possibility of a furlough for government employees ...

Fierce Battle Over Right To Work Still Being Waged in Kentucky

April 24, 2017Berry Craig of the Kentucky Labor Institute and the Western Kentucky AFL-CIO Area Labor Council joins us to talk about the fierce battle over Right to Work Legislation in the ...

Breaking Through: Tips From Elected Leaders & Experts on Having A Powerful Impact

April 24, 2017Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner of MomsRising covers the best tactics for fighting for justice in the time of Trump; tips for mindfulness in parenting and the benefits of bilingualism; why access to ...

Congressman Schiff Eyeing Senate Seat and Hoping Russia Probe Will Help

April 24, 2017POLITICO Reporter Austin Wright joins us to talk about how Congressman Schiff may parlay his limelight with the Russia Probe to land himself a Senate seat.

Media Blackout over Weekend’s Massive Science Marches

April 24, 2017Researcher Alex Kaplan of Media Matters talks exposes the media blackout around climate change and the weekend’s massive Science Marches.

Organizing Victory for Graduate Students in American University

April 24, 2017Chris Garlock of the DC Labor Council lays out the exciting lineup for Labor Fest, an organizing victory for graduate students at a Washington DC university, and…a bomb threat?

Why Protecting Workers Protects the Broader Community

April 24, 2017Doug Cunningham from Worker’s Independent News joins us to talk about Worker’s Memorial Day, and why safety and health on the job is important for the broader community as well ...

The Lowdown on the Union Election Process

April 21, 2017Buck Geno of Work in Progress Radio joins us with his guest Anneta Stevenson, agent with the NLRB Office out of Detroit, MI., to talk about the unionization process in ...

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