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The New American Economy: Electric Vehicles

May 24, 2017Did you know that the internal combustion engine is a Victorian era technology that’s only 20% efficient? This week we talk about electric transportation. How does it work? Is it ...

Tennessee Legislative Wrap-Up

May 24, 2017Alyssa Hansen, communications director for the Tennessee AFL-CIO, gives us an animated wrap up of the state’s legislative session.

Public Schools Still the Best Pathway Out of Poverty

May 24, 2017Even charter school operators say they don’t want their funding to come at the expense of public schools. Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, shows us how ...

PA Candidate Beth Tarasi Tells Us Why She’s Running for Congress

May 24, 2017Beth Tarasi, candidate for the PA 12th district, joins us to talk about why she’s running and what she stands for.

Montana Special Election Heating Up!

May 24, 2017We discuss Montana’s special election tomorrow with Politicos’s Campaigns Editor Scott Bland.

FOX News Complicit in Spreading Seth Rich Conspiracy

May 24, 2017“NBC’s Thomas Roberts details Fox News and Sean Hannity’s role in spreading Seth Rich conspiracy,” Alex Kaplan reports for Media Matters

It’s Smart Politics Not to Antagonize the Press

May 24, 2017“It’s a smart idea if you’re a politician not to antagonize the press any more than you have to,” Berry Craig from the Kentucky Labor Council says with a laugh. He ...

Protests at McDonalds Headquarters

May 24, 2017Doug Cunningham from Workers Independent News reports on Trump’s budget proposal, as well as two days of protests at McDonald’s headquarters.

DeVos Fuzzy on Details Around “School Choice” Expansion

May 23, 2017“DeVos says Washington will not mandate ‘school choice,’“ Caitlin Emma reports for Politico.

High Stakes and the State of Higher Education

May 23, 2017On this week’s Labor Intensive, we discuss the state of higher education with resident historians Rosemary Trump and Charlie McCollester.

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