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The Point of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh’s Monument Debate

August 22, 2017Charlie McCollester & Rosemary Trump discuss a controversial Pittsburgh statue of Steven Foster, including perspectives from August Wilson’s biographer and the Foster family.

Mark McDermott – The Real History of The Monument in Charlottesville

August 22, 2017The monument removed from Charlottesville last week was actually erected three decades after the civil war ended. Mark McDermott, labor educator and activist, joins us to discuss the brutal history ...

The labor Intensive – The Current State of Healthcare and Monuments To Racism

August 22, 2017Resident labor historians Rosemary Trump and Charlie McCollester continue our discussion about statues and monuments to Confederates, and then move into discussing the state of healthcare.

Gabriel Debenedetti – POLITICO – Dems are already prepping for 2020

August 22, 2017Dems are already prepping for 2020, including a potential Trump challenger from the GOP. Mike Pence, John Kasich, Nikki Haley and others are on their radar, Gabriel Debenedetti writes for Politico.

Cristina Lopez – Media Matters – Trump habitually uses deceit and propaganda to shape perceptions

August 22, 2017

Stuart Gardner – SMART – Our Rail Industry Needs Better Safety Standards

August 22, 2017

Chris Garlock – DC Labor – Whistleblowers Should Be Praised, Not Punished

August 22, 2017

Breaking Through by MomsRising: Standing Up to White Supremacists

August 21, 2017On the radio show this week we cover showing up for racial justice; how to talk with your children about the recent anti-Semitic, racist, and misogynistic white supremacist violence in ...

Toeing the line between free speech and hate speech

August 21, 2017Tech firms’ fight against hate could haunt them, Politico’s Steven Overly reports.

No one wants to talk about Trump

August 21, 2017Cable news networks can’t find Republicans who will talk on-air about Trump, Alex Kaplan reports for Media Matters.

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Tomorrow sociologist, and author of "Lies My Teacher Told Me," James Loewen joins the The Union Edge to discuss the real history behind Confederate monuments, our collective history around race, and the Civil War, and more. Listen live from any device: theunionedge.com/listen-live ...

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Auto Insurance 101: how to get the most “peace of mind” coverage from your car insurance policy. theunionedge.com/legal-checkup-auto-insurance-101-pt-2/ #thelegalcheckup ...

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Chrissy Cortazzo talks the collective bargaining campaigns that she is working on for the Teacher’s Unions: theunionedge.com/education-watchdog-chrissy-cortazzo-settles-three-important-union-contracts/ ...

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[LISTEN] Trump has emboldened white nationalists, Nazis, and the alt-right by not directly condemning them. theunionedge.com/trump-might-first-fascist-president/ ...

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