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Will journalists band together?

January 20, 2017The Trump Administration is going to put reporters to the test. Will they stand up for each other and for the American public? Media Matters’ Joe Strupp talks about his ...

If you’re saying “now what?” consider running for office

January 20, 2017Generation Progress Digital Director Chelsea Coatney joins us to talk about Trump resistance events happening around Washington DC, and their events aiming to educate millennials on what it takes to ...

MI Legislature Targets Prevailing Wage

January 20, 2017Buck Geno of Work in Progress Radio and guest John Reurink of MIRS join us to talk about the inauguration of President Trump, and legislation being presented in the state ...

NYC begins to enforce old law, workers see raises

January 20, 2017ProPublica Lead Reporter Cezary Podkul joins us to talk about, “New York City and State Step Up Enforcement of Wage Rules for Luxury Building Workers.“

Inauguration Day

January 20, 2017Buck Geno of Work in Progress Radio joins us to talk about ways to engage with the new POTUS and elected officials over the big issues that impact you as ...

Tinfoil hat awards

January 20, 2017Media Matters Reproductive Rights Program Director Sharon Kann joins us to announce the winners of our Tinfoil Hat Awards, and man they’re good this week.

The future of solidarity

January 20, 2017Doug Cunningham of Workers Independent News joins us to talk about the future of solidarity, and the Women’s March on Washington, along with related marches around the country as we ...

Informed Action

January 19, 2017Americans love a lot of our public services – like National Parks, and museums – but don’t like to pay for it. How can we reconcile this? We discuss this ...

Nurses Challenge OSHA to Protect Them

January 19, 2017Registered Nurses are calling on OSHA to protect them from abuse by the patients that they’re trying to help. The National Nurses United co-president Jean Ross joins us to talk ...

Elizabeth Warren makes Cabinet picks squirm

January 19, 2017Senators Warren and Franken are making Trump’s Cabinet picks squirm, reports Politico’s Louis Nelson. The Democrats aren’t going easy on any of the nominees.

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