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Charlotte Handcock – Gen Progress – Colleges The Defraud Students Given A Say On Defrauded Students Will Be Compensated

January 12, 2018Charlotte Hancock from Generation Progress joins us to discuss how Betsy DeVos has restored negotiations to hold colleges that defraud student accountable, and how instead of have the victims of ...

Buck Geno & John Reurink – January 12, 2018

January 12, 2018Buck Geno of Work in Progress Radio has John Reurink on the program to talk about the late in Michigan Politics.

Robert James – USW Local 1999 – Carrier Lays Of Another 215 Workers

January 12, 2018Robert James from USW Local 1999 comes on the program to talk about the layoffs at Carrier and how they have gotten even worse.

Buck Geno – WIP Radio – Discussing Work Requirements for Medicaid

January 12, 2018Buck Geno of Work In Progress Radio we talk about the Trump administrations push to get work requirements to be part of medicaid.

Jennifer Habberkorn – POLITICO – The GOP Had A Plan T Gut Healthcare All Along

January 12, 2018Jennifer Habberkorn of POLITICO joins us to talk about how the GOP has had a plan to dismantle Obamacare from the very beginning.

Ed Chambers – UFCW Local 11625 – Union Density Gives Workers More Leverage in Negotiations

January 12, 2018From UFCW Local 11625 we have Ed Chambers on the program on the program to talk about Disney workers who are struggling to get Disney to agree to a $15 ...

Doug Cunningham – Walmart Raises Wages, It’s Not Enough

January 12, 2018Labor reporter Doug Cunningham comes on the program to talk to us about how Carrier has laid off an additional 215 people which Trump had claimed to have saved during ...

Informed Action – Fighting DACA is Un-American

January 11, 2018This week on Informed Action with Tom Balya and Allen Kukovich we discuss the important issues that we are facing right now, including DACA and lies we hear from politicians.

Josh Sword – WV AFL-CIO – January 12, 2018

January 11, 2018From the West Virginia AFL-CIO we have Josh Sword on the program to talk about their plan to fight to get back some of the losses they saw in the ...

The Education Watchdog – Fighting Back Against Sexist Anti-Union Legislation

January 11, 2018This week on The Education Watchdog with Butch Santicola, he invites Joanne McCall from the Florida Education Association on the program. She talks to us about House Bill 25 which ...

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